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PMA 2012 Conference Proceedings
Corporate frugality by Shannon Anderson and Professor Anne Lillis

PMA Australasia publishes thought-provoking short papers and case studies that seek to inform performance measurement and management theory and practice.

PMA Australasia’s current featured contribution is a short paper by Shannon Anderson, of the University of California Davis Graduate School of Management, and Professor Anne Lillis, of the University of Melbourne Faculty of Business and Economics.

Their paper discusses the concept of corporate frugality.  Far from describing behaviour that is stingy or miserly, corporate frugality captures the organizational trait of making carefully measured, highly deliberate choices about what to and what not to spend money on.  Frugal companies eschew instant gratification and instead focus on long-term cost-benefit outcomes.

Drawing on an interview study and an on-line survey, the researchers observed that the concept of corporate frugality resonated well with their respondents.  The respondents were able to recount multiple examples of their companies’ frugal practices and contrast these practices with other environments in which they worked.

The work of Anderson and Lillis raises a number of important questions ranging from what is the source of corporate frugality to what are its performance consequences.

Read the full copy of the Anderson and Lillis paper.

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